Bill retired from the “Tools” in 1985 and continued teaching music (Kindergarten – 8th grade) at Delaware Township in New Jersey until 2003 when he retired.

In 2003 he became the Praise Team leader at his church and continued until 2014.  Bill also started a “handyman” business when he retired, and he is still active at that.

Beverly also retired in 2003 and has taken up water color painting and macro photography.  She loves walking on the beach in Fort Lauderdale where she and Bill now spend the winter months.

Their son, Michael, and his wife Amy live 35 minutes away and work at Amy’s parents’ business.  Their 9 year old daughter, Kairi, is a love and they enjoy having her stay overnight once in while.

Note from Buff: Here are a few pictures of Bill and Beverly.  The first one is from 1967 when Bill and I first began to play and sing together (taken in Judy’s and my first apartment in Ossining, NY).  The second one is of their son, Michael, pretending to drive the Tool bus which we kept behind Bill’s house.  The last one is Bill and Beverly at the only other impromptu Tool reunion back in 1997