Although we don’t have a bio for Mark Farley, our very first drummer, Mark did send a recent family photo.  Mark and his
wife, Falinda, have five sons and two daughters.  This photo was taken this past May at the engagement party for their son
Silas and his fiancé Cassia (far right in picture).   The other Farley children include two daughters (sitting on the couch)
and their other four sons (standing behind the couch).  Also in the picture are Mark and Falinda’s son-in-law and two
grandchildren.  Mark – correct me if I got anything wrong.

I have listed just a few of the many interesting articles about Mark’s family that you may enjoy reading.  To see others just
do a Google search on “Mark and Falinda Farley”.  Most of these articles were written because Mark and Falinda’s son,
Matthias, played college football at Notre Dame and now is playing professionally for the Indianapolis Colts.  Also their
youngest son, Silas, is a professional dancer for the New York City Ballet Company.  Although these articles are about
their children, it is very evident in the stories that the children have a very strong appreciation for their parents and for the
way they were raised.  In addition to the articles below, you can find others by simply Googling “Mark and Falinda Farley.”


Defying the Odds   (11/1/2013)

ND’s Farley Has Impressive Support Group  (1/3/2013)

Matthias Farley Raised on Excellence  (1/6/2013)

Chapter 3 from book titled Opportunity and Hope note: this chapter talks a lot not only about Silas Farley, but about his parents.

New York City Ballet Company Silas’s bio on web site