A lot has transpired since The Carpenter's Tools days.  We sold our house in NJ and moved to Montvale, VA along the Blue Ridge Mountains near I-81.  We adopted 4 children:  Allison, Dawn, Michael, and Ryan who joined our biological children, Ray Jr. and Randy.  We retained our gas station in Oxford and had various tenants run the station for us.

Ray Jr. is married to Tammy and has 4 children (Matthew, Micah, Josiah, and Julia).  He is a missionary pilot and flies DC3's to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas from Ft. Pierce, FL.  He is chief pilot with Missionary Flights, International and is also a licensed mechanic on the fleet.  His wife, Tammy, is a music major and home schools the children.

Randy is married to Catherine and has 2 children (Benjamin and Lucy).  They are currently en route from Germany after serving in the USAF for numerous years and working at a NATO base repairing/maintaining the communications system in the AWACS fleet.  They will be living stateside and traveling the USA for a while before settling in Arkansas near Catherine's family.  Catherine is a professional photographer and homeschools their children.

Allison is married to Paul and lives in Florida with 2 of her 3 teenage children (Holly and Aubry). Her oldest daughter, Elizabeth, is married and lives near us in VA. Elizabeth is our oldest grandchild and is a vet tech at a local animal hospital.

Dawn is married to Bryan and lives near us in VA.  She and her husband have 2 boys (Bryan Jr. and Hunter) and 3 adopted children (Kayla, Tim, and Autumn). She is a stay at home mom while her husband is a union contractor.

Michael is married to Melissa and lives in South Carolina with their little boy, Denver.  His wife, Melissa, manages a pediatrician's office while Michael works as a web site developer for a company called Up and Up in Greenville.

Ryan is high functioning special needs,  is 20 years old and still lives at home.  He attends a HS school for special needs children and is an intern at a local TV station as a camera man.

Ray has followed in his mother's footsteps and is an herbalist and consultant.  We opened an herbal supplement store, Herbs777, in Roanoke, VA nine years ago. God has shown us that every so called disease is just an immune response to something that doesn't belong in the body--some form of toxins. When they are eliminated the immune system backs off and strengthens and the disease disappears----just as God intended!  We see miracles almost every day. We are so blessed!

We have been living in the same house on about 85 acres in VA since 1990.  We have done quite a bit of traveling for pleasure, business, and missions' trips to China, Paraguay, the Baltic, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Taiwan, the Caribbean, Europe, and of course the good ole USA.  God has blessed us with good health and 15 grandchildren after 42 years of marriage!


Here are some pictures that Ray and Jean included in their bio.

From left to right: Ryan, Josiah, Melissa, Denver, Catherine, Lucy, Jean, Julia, Micah, Ray, Tammy, Ray Jr.,
Matthew, Benjamin, Randy and Michael.


A current picture of Ray and Jean


Jean sent this photo and said it was one of her favorites of her siblings.  As I was listening to an
old introduction, I mentioned that all of the Sisco’s were involved in the Tools some way (except
for Janice). From left to right Judy (made us shirts, ran our sound, etc.), Doug (ran our sound),
Jean (gave us Ray and went on many Tool jobs”, David (sang in the group a lot in all of the
eras, and Janice (she’s coming up from Virginia for our reunion).