Love Was When         

The following are other recordings of this song.

Love Was When   Spring 1977 In-house Recording by Nick and edited by Bill (no drums)  Solo: Buff, Trombone Solo: Buff

Love Was When   recorded late 1980 on reel-to-reel  (Buff, Ray, Bill, Nick, David, Barry)  Solo: Buff

Love Was When   recording source unknown  (Buff, Ray, Bill, Nick, David, Barry)  Solo: Buff  Trombone Duet: Bill & Buff

Love Was When  1982 In-house Recording (Buff, Bill, David, Kathy, Annelle, Barry Ed) – Solo: Buff, Trombone duet: Buff & Bill

Love Was When  recorded 2/26/1983 at Salem Evangelical Free Church  (Buff, Ray, Bill, Barry, Kathy, Jim, Bob, Jack) – Buff & Bill do trombone duet

Love Was When  recorded 9/13/1985 at Harvey Cedars Men’s Retreat (Buff, Ray, Kathy, Bette, Joe, David, Darrel, Liz)  Solo: Buff  Trombone solo: Buff