About This Web Site

This site is dedicated to remembering The Carpenter's Tools, a gospel group which I had the pleasure of leading for its entre life span of 17 years (1974-1990).

Currently it is a work in progress, but already I have added many mp3 recordings from all eras. I still have a few more to search for and add.

I have also begun a photo section broken down by year. I have many more photos to add. Another section is dedicated to giving information about the 23 individuals who were members of the group at one time or another.

After 30-40 years of little or no contact, I was able to get 14 other former members to attend a reunion the weekend of October 7th and 8th, which culminated in a 90 minute concert at Grace Fellowship's Sunday Night aLive. The section on the reunion adn concert currently shows some photos from our picnic, but eventually I hope to put recordings of the songs we did that night and eventually a video of the entire concert.

Another section lists all of the engagements (Tool Jobs). As time permits I will be adding memorabilia from these. There is also a section containing videos (mostly with no sound), and finally a section with anything that doesn't fit one of the other sections.

I also plan to list in this section what has been added to the site chronologically.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, corrections or questions.

Buff Andresen