The Carpenter's Tools Reunion and Concert
October 7th & 8th, 2017

Fifteen former members of The Carpenter’s Tools, along with some family members, participated in The Carpenter’s Tools Reunion / Concert which was held the weekend of October 7th and 8th at Grace Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Milford, New Jersey. The main purpose for this event was to bring former members, families and friends back together for a great time of catching up, sharing memories, and meeting others who were a part of this ministry which was active from 1974-1991.

The weekend ended with a Carpenter's Tools reunion concert at an event called Sunday Night aLive at Grace Fellowship where the group performed a total of 17 songs from different eras performed by the original members. This evening was a huge success, and the audience of between 180 and 200 was enthusiastically with us the entire evening.

Photo of group taken right before Reunion Concert
Front: Darrel and Liz Neff, Phil and Beth Crompton, Ray Oostdyk, Annelle Conover, Bill Charles, Kathleen Kutzman
Back: Putter Cox, Jim Nelligan, Nick Antonow, Buff Andresen, Ken Freno, Dave Alleger, Dave Sisco.

Then and Now

This is a photo taken in 1975 of the original Carpenter's Tools. In front are Buff Andresen and Dave Alleger. Behind them are Ray Oostdyk, Ken Freno and Bill Charles.Now 42 years later, we lined up in our same positions for this reunion photo.
Photos From Our Saturday Picnic and Sunday Lunch

Edie and Ken Freno
Darrel and Elizabeth Neff

Phil and Beth Crompton
Janice and Ron Farmer

Dave and Valerie Sisco
Buff and Judy Andresen

Beverly and Bill Charles
Nick and Raija Antonow

Jay and Kathy Kutzman
Putter Cox

Bonnie Alleger, Annelle Connover, Sherm DiSanto and Tiffany Cahill
Wendy Raub and her parents Debby and Jim Nelligan

Ray Oostdyk and "Uncle John" (guest of Nelligans)
Bonnie Chatting with Beverly

Nick Checking Out Memorabilia Display
Guys Waiting to Eat

Time to Eat
Lots of Good Food

Judy with Phil and Beth
Enjoying the Sunshine

Valerie and Darrel Having a Discussion
On Sunday after church, Bill and Bev had the out-of-staters and their hosts over for lunch. Pictured here are Putter and Ron in a serious discussion.

David and Ken Talk Before Lunch
Judy and Edie in the kitchen.