The Carpenter's Tools

The Carpenter’s Tools was a gospel group from Milford, New Jersey, that sang from 1974-1991 mostly throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. There were a total of 23 individuals who were full-time members of The Carpenter’s Tools at one or another. Our first reunion was held October 9th and 10th in 2017 which culminated in a most memorable concert Sunday evening at Grace Fellowship in Milford, N.J. with 15 former members participating.

Photo of group taken right before Reunion Concert
Front: Darrel and Liz Neff, Phil and Beth Crompton, Ray Oostdyk, Annelle Conover, Bill Charles, Kathleen Kutzman
Back: Putter Cox, Jim Nelligan, Nick Antonow, Buff Andresen, Ken Freno, Dave Alleger, Dave Sisco.

Group Photos Through the Years

In the summer of 1975, we took some black and white publicity photos at the museum in Clinton. Left to right: Dave Alleger, Bill Charles, Buff Andresen, Ray Oosdyk and Ken Freno. Buff and Ken were the co-founders of The Carpenter’s Tools.This photo was taken in May 1976 at Freeport Gospel Tabernacle, where Ken’s father was the pastor. Pictured from left to right are Mark Farley, Ray Oosdyk,Bill Charles,Ken Freno and Buff Andresen. Mark was the first drummer for the Tools, and this was both his and Ken’s last engagement with the group.

This photo was taken in June 1978 at a wedding we played for. In the front are Ray Oostdykand Bill Charles. Standing in the back are Buff Andresen, Putter Cox, Nick Antonow and Dave Sisco. During the 17 years, the Tools played for 14 weddings, including weddings for members Ray Oostdyk who married Jean Sisco and Dave Alleger who married Bonnie Eastman. This early 1982 photo shows from left to right: Ed Hanft, Ray Oostdyk, Bill Charles, Annelle Cahill, Kathy Kutzman, Dave Sisco, Buff Andresen and Barry Friedfeld. Annelle was the fist member to break the gender barrier. She joined the group in October 1980 as our first pianist, and then Kathy joined as our first female vocalist in August 1981.

A year later (1983) we had a few changes in personnel. From left to right are Jack Shoemaker, Ray Oostdyk, Jim Nelligan, Barry Friedfeld, Kathy Kutzman, Buff Andresen, Bill Charles and Bob Cregar. Unfortunately this is the best photo I have of this particular group. It was taken in May 1984 at the Riegelsville United Church of Christ. From left to right are Bette Mayers (at piano), Buff Andresen, Barry Friedfeld, Kathy Kutzman, Jack Shoemaker, Ray Oostdyk, Bill Charles and Joe Hafner.

In 1986 The Carpenter's Tools were restructured. Pictured from left to right are Kathy (Sisco) Kutzman, Dave Sisco, Judy Andresen (ran soundboard), Buff Andresen, Beth and Phil Crompton, and Darrell and Liz Neff. This last photo was taken in the Fall of 1987. Phil and Beth Crompton and Buff Andresen (Judy still ran the sound) were the last members of the Tools.